drug test enforced at brainball match


I saw what is essentially “the force” at work at this year’s Wired Nextfest.  Brianball: a game which is fueled by one’s desire to act aloof… the more you don’t give a shit, the farther you can move a tiny steel ball with only your mind into your opponent’s goalpost.  This roundabout telekinetic display involves bandaging players by the head and hotwiring them to an EEG.  Lower frequencies, which the game maker advertises as equivalent to calmness and relaxation, will earn you the points.  Fewer hertzes are not only achieved by those who are “more zen”, but also the drowsy and the braindead.  Any type of thinking will bring you down!  Finally a competitive game where the stoner, the hipster, the heavy drinker and the narcoleptic will manage with flying colors.

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the right way to play brainball: take a nap

Brian machine interface technology is nothing new. It has already renewed the bodily functions of several disabled people, granting some power to be superhuman cyborgs. Perhaps brainball will be the beginning of a series of mind control products for the lazy. Forget servant robots, I can do everything myself without burning a single calorie. Hitachi has already developed a brain TV remote control which allows individuals to turn on the tv and switch channels with their mind.

Moving something with your brain is so last season.
Moving your brain will still turn some heads tho.


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