I’m not a useless toy


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Giant sheets of bubble wrap bring out the OCD in every kid.  But in this ever growing “GREEN” world, any upstanding individual wouldn’t be caught dead using something that doesn’t have more lives than a kitty god.  And that’s why (I think) BANDAI created PUTI PUTI – a keychained square of e-bubble wrap that keeps on poppin’.  There are 8 rubbery buttons which when pressed, simulate the same sensation as the real thing.

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Anything a lil quirky has the potential of being an overnight success and PUTI PUTI did just that, selling 3 thousand units in the first week… some even deemed it the next tamagotchi.  I managed to get my hands on one and let me just warn you, it’s not half as satisfying.  The whole point of bubble detonation is complete and utter annihilation of the colony.  A bubble that won’t quit is rather a nuisance. Now you got 8 of them jutting out at your face, taunting you, challenging you.  Besides, you can’t make awesome bubble art … in the primitive sense…. or something fancier…
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There’s still something to look forward to as every 100th “putt” generates a random sound.  I won’t ruin your surprise by telling you what they are.  All I can say is I lost a few layers of thumb skin trying to identify all the secret sounds stored and figure out if they appear sequentially or randomly. I don’t think this product will do well stateside. If brit brit was pregnant with one, then maybe.


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