goods of dee-sai-aah


G.O.D., homophonous to the Cantonese slang “to live better”, is the store to visit if you need “updated” souvenirs from Hong Kong that are unmistakably HK. Products sold are appreciated by foreigners for their “oriental-ness”. The omnipresent “symbolic” characters and the radiating communist red in the store make it an easy task to fill up suitcases full of Confucius approved or Mao stamped products. Locals love it for the hearty hot-pot combo of nostalgia, modernity, wit and most importantly, the power bestowed upon them to reveal the inside jokes. I wouldnt really call myself a local. But I did live in HK for about a decade in my early years, so let me begin the edu-ma-cation…
Double happiness bookends! If you haven’t heard of double happiness and how that’s a symbol of luck, then you need to go back to eating your orange chicken.
Asian cloud magnets! Asian clouds look different from American clouds. Asian farts look like American clouds.
Red white blue Chinaman plastic bags! LV did one back in 06!
HK British passport notebook! Colonial passports – extinct since 1997.
And of course their signature “delay no more” brand. Double entendre. Just google it.


3 Responses to “goods of dee-sai-aah”

  1. 1 He Hung Lo

    Best post so far! HONG KONG STAI-YO!

  2. 3 shirls

    totally wanted to make plastic bags with the goyard stripes… someone beat me to it…

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