two girls and a cube


Olfactory alarms rang loud with the detection of a familiar, indisputable stench : a boiling sewer of soiled diapers, foot cheese and rotten corpses. A malodorous trail so strong I can see leads to a street vendor who needs no ulterior advertisement. Stacked neatly on a cooling rack on top of a deep fryer are the cubes of putrid delight. Golden and crisp on the outside with a soft oozy curd interior, they are served pierced with 2 skinny bamboo sticks in an oil soaked brown paper bag. Passersby gagged as I relished my prized rotten tofu cube on the crowded streets of Mongkok. Unless you are down to keep an unlidded brine of rotten vegetables and shrimp at home and be associated with fecal matter every time you have visitors, stinky tofu is best left to the dai pai dong professionals. Worried about ingesting the 15 types of bacteria roaming around in this delicacy? Drink some Yakult and read this paper.

Whatever, at least I don’t like durian either.


One Response to “two girls and a cube”

  1. I love that ish. When I was in HK last year I think I ate it 3 times with 1 special trip to Mongkok just to get it. D lish.

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