glow ahead


As a wee tot, I was a sticker fiend. I spent all my pocket money on sheets upon sheets and had a whole shelf full of sticker books. The walls of our house, the windows of our car, the toilet seats, and even my dad’s hairy legs were victims of my adhesive sorcery. My bedroom was a sticker museum: shiny, pearly, sparkly, puffy, fuzzy, scratch n sniff, create-a-scene, glow in the dark, I had them all. As my eyelids grew heavy, the stickers spun me a new bedtime tale and sent me off to dreamland. In my adult life, I’ve always stared at white apartment walls feeling a little empty. But the void was never enough to overcome my apathy and the fear of not having a majority of my security deposit refunded. Removable wall decals? Sure I’ve tried them… but certainly wall dressings have evolved farther since my childish sticker mosaic era…?
How about the newest in LED technology: light emitting wallpaper! Created by Dutch designer Jonas Samson, the wallpaper can be turned on and off and used as an energy and space saving, 2 dimensional light source. It’s not for sale yet so I’m afraid all those awesome Myspace/Facebook pictures you can take will have to wait. Freak!


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