day dreaming days in a daydream nation


No, this has nothing to do with sonic youth. It has to do with me, lamenting my youth. This has taken shape in my ceaseless accrual of little girl clothing in adult sizes (and my obsession with Blythe. I can start a whole other blog for that). Perhaps this is some sort of psychological rebound to make up those “lost years” in elementary school when I had to wear this uniform every day for 6 years.
That’s not me in the picture. But you can tell that girl doesn’t want to wear it either. “Huh? Isn’t this white and see through?” Yes. It is. Panties galore. I don’t think the uniform had any part in the creation of Daydream Nation – a magical collection of garments and accessories salvaged from a dream and sprinkled with fairydust. The label is the brainchild of Kay (who wore those uniforms the same years I did) and her brother Jing Wong.

Their spring 08 collection, aptly titled “good morning, I’m sleeping”, is full of fashion demarches that pull heavy on my heartstrings: oversized collars, bibbed fronts, frills and pleats, tiers and layers.

Their jewelry are probably their most sought after pieces, some resembling faux collars. Genius. Kind of like my failed “lapello” (faux lapel haha). Anything detachable/removable is worth a try for us commitment-phobes.


2 Responses to “day dreaming days in a daydream nation”

  1. 1 cam

    i totally thought of your lapello while taking a whiz last week. i think something i saw in a mall in sing reminded me of it. i kind of want one, do you have extras? oh and i really love the necklaces in that line!

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