money is the root of all virtual happiness


Coin banks are a thing of the past. I see babies writing checks and tooth fairies managing transactions on paypal. As money handling technologies keep improving, our money saving abilities have not. Perhaps, Takara Tomy’s Jinsei Ginko is the answer. The money you insert in this “bank of life” directly goes into the wellbeing of your stickfigure. Watch as your private rags-to-riches story unfolds – living solo in a tatami-ed dump to a fulfilling married life with chandeliered dining halls.
Jinsei Ginko only works with 500 yen (~$5US) coins. It can take up to 200 coins. The first 10 coins go to the price of the gadget and I suppose a few more will go into the batteries, which, come to think of it, are the real breadwinners for your man in the box.

Someone should bring this to America as I know quite a lot of people will benefit from it. I’m not sure saving quarters will improve anyone’s life too drastically (other than feeling refreshed by clean laundry…) so the American version will have to be formatted for bills. This will be a pain as evidenced by increased violence against vending machines.

Better yet, bring it online like SIMS/second life… except you get the money you “invested” back in the end. A “sand box”* MMORPG** in which characters thrive depending on how bulky your online bank account becomes. The game will make money like paypal (a cut off transactions) but provide entertainment like SIMS. So instead of wasting hours of your otherwise ~$30 per hour life playing second life and spending $200 on a virtual outfit, you can do the same thing AND get most of your money back whenever you are willing to “get real” and sacrifice your character’s well being to benefit your own. If you happen to be also using the MMORPG as a dating service, then you can rest assure the real life counterparts will be more up to par to their online avatars…. at least financially speaking.

* sand box = “toy play”, open ended, non linear style game play
** Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game


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