miss pronunciation


I was on the MTR in Hong Kong and overheard a woman from mainland china talking to her friend about her new CHANNEL bag and her experiences lining up outside the louiSS futt-on store. I giggled a little and generally felt bad for the lady as her plans to impress her friend and fellow subway takers backfired due to her mispronunciations.

I came across this site www.brandspeaking.com which might be of some use to namedroppers like her. I spent some time listening to the soundbytes and decided people who pronounced foreign words “too well” actually annoyed me more than people who mispronounced them entirely.

Take French teacher Prudie who annoyed all the other Austen book club members by frequently doing this at meetings:

HAHA I just made you watch a clip from Jane Austen Book Club!!!! You’re now officially a SAP! In my defense, I saw it on the plane. Now I’m going to do something worse! Quote from the Jane Austen Book Club movie!

Allegra: If only she’d stop speaking French.
Jocelyn: Or at least go to France, where it would be less noticeable!

If correct pronunciation avec accent from a legit source can be nails on a chalkboard when done out of context, then stuff like this should most certainly be punishable by law.

Not funny kid.


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