your own personal immobility


I’m still waiting for the kind of future the Jetsons promised. Where is my flying car? The Segway might have fulfilled some of your technological fantasies but the only thing it did for me was bring me closer to GOB. Here’s the latest attempt from Toyota: iReal – a glorified wheelchair disguised under the catchphrase “mobility concept”. The Segway for people whose legs have atrophied (I’m sorry) or people who are too lazy to stand (I’m really sorry).
Modeling the iReal. I-wReeal to school!

The iReal boasts a maximum speed of 18.6mph which is 6.1mph faster than the Segway! That’s not incentive enough for me to spend a couple grand for either. I’m waiting for these:

  • iBed – mobility while sleeping… oh, maybe call it iLayDown
  • iCouch – make it a loveseat for carpooling
  • iBike – a personal mobility device shaped like a bike except no pedaling required
  • iTreadmill – why waste time at the gym when you can exercise while you’re going somewhere 5 times as fast.

now for one of my favorite videos of all time:


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