1.21 jiggawatt defibrillator


The only DeLorean I’ve seen is the one parked outside the Back to the Future ride at Universal Studios… sunwashed gray, dirty and neglected… hopefully its new owner, the pudgy man in this picture, who won some “out-a-time” sweepstakes back when the attraction closed in Sept 07, will get back in touch with the Doc to get the flux capacitor reinstalled.


We all know the time traveling bit is fictional, so what’s the big deal anyway? The production of the DeLorean was relinquished back in 82 after being on the market for one short year. Now they are hyping up the comeback, due later this year. The cars will be assembled by hand at a snail pace of 1 or 2 per month with prices jacked up to $58K per unit.

I say ditch the wait list and get your DeLorean now with the following DIY solutions:
Paper DeLorean:

Or if you want a car you can actually fit in, then mod your own vehicle with Lambo door hinges!


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