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Paper was invented in China sometime in the Han Dynasty. Naturally, the Chinese have had a lot of time to play with the medium and this is what they have to show for:

Paper Mao-rio haha

A few other countries forged their own versions of papercutting: Japanese Kirie, Indian Sanjhi, German Scherenschnitte, Polish Wycinanki, Mexican Papel Picado, American Grandma Old Folks’ Home Art Corner… more of the same…

Then this guy appeared: PETER CALLESEN

Little nimble Asian hands won’t put you in the lead anymore!


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  1. I found a site that has a featured Wycinanki artists named Karen Kobylarz. She sells her art under the name KobyKrafts and signs her pieces Koby. They are showing about a dozen of the works for her and the hearts are especially pretty (i Think) including the Easter Egg piece although I like the angels as well. Please send people there to give her some exposure. Site name is

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