don’t eat your vegetables


This reminds me of the time we were forced to learn the recorder in elementary school. I took my newfound useless skill #484629 home, donned on some colorful tights, and had my way with it via “what is a youth” from the 1968 romeo and juliet movie… I played with such passion drool dripped profusely through the recorder. It is crazy how such simple melodies can drive one to madness.

This silly man is a true inspiration. Find more of his work on youtube.

Speaking of wasted musical know-how, maybe I can pick up the cello again. I would never have abandoned it if I knew playing standing up along with the incorporation of headbanging was allowed.


2 Responses to “don’t eat your vegetables”

  1. 1 george

    haha awesome – this clip is way better than the ‘in the hall of the mountain king’ that i have linked.

  2. 2 bing

    i have a video of myself shredding some jams on the zucchini with danzig

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