no it isn’t ms morissette


I often find myself annoyed with the mis- and/or over- usage of irony. Try playing a game of apples to apples without noticing the tendency of irony exercised as cynicism/quirkiness/intelligence/depth. The irony doesn’t represent anything… and it has as much meaning as when kids announce “it’s opposite day!”. Don’t bother calling them out, they will play the postmodern card (i wasn’t trying to say what you thought i was going to say and i’m not saying the opposite either… in fact i wasn’t trying to say anything at all… well that isn’t the point of the game now is it?)

How about this 8 minute long Korean music video? The point was to jab at that romantically tragic soft spot in your brain via the same methods as O Henry’s Gift of the Magi. However, all it accomplished was trigger the evaluation of
– the feasibility of an eyeball transplant
– the goals of SECRET self sacrificing acts of love.
I would say this displays more idiocy, unrealistic fantasy, pointlessness… at best immense bad luck…. than irony.

Irony doesn’t have to be irritating. It can be a refreshing way to bring in a new perspective.
Sometimes the only right answer to “why?” is “BECAUSE!”.


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