can’t you see i’m in the zone


The computer hood was ingeniously crafted by Joe Malia as part of his “Design for the Computer Obsessive” project. This product reinforces and amplifies one’s engagement with the computer, successfully blocking out reality. Features of this digital enclosure include:
-Soundproof and light-blocking material
-Speakers embedded in hood
-Zip on underside of tunnel for visibility of keyboard and mouse (though this will probably be more often used as a porthole for feeding during marathon WOW sessions)
-A voice activated microphone in the back of the hood which records audio from the outside world and saves it as mp3 files in a folder on the desktop.
Though some obvious benefits include undivided attention, as well as privacy, Joe claims the product was created as a visual metaphor which makes the invisible (barrier) visible. He hopes the product will highlight the strong bond the computer obsessives have made with their machines and conjure a series of self reflection. This product is not compatible with laptops, though Joe has made other technology connectors for PSP and cell phone addicts.


One Response to “can’t you see i’m in the zone”

  1. 1 him/her

    Finally perverts can look at porn in peace.

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