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I’m no stranger to incense burning. I’m not talking about the smelly hippie kind but the tear duct assaulting Chinese temple kind. Traditional Chinese folks go to great lengths to show their utmost devotion and pay their deepest respect to their deities and ancestors. It’s not just incense they burn, there’s also “heaven money” in […]

The title “Asia Game Show 2007” suggests something international and massive. Besides that ANNOYING promo video put on repeat on giant screen, all I saw were a few dinky booths (Is Sony the ONLY exhibitor? Really?) and a sea of perverts with cameras hounding subpar “booth babes”. I thought the cosplay event might keep me mildly […]

Olfactory alarms rang loud with the detection of a familiar, indisputable stench : a boiling sewer of soiled diapers, foot cheese and rotten corpses. A malodorous trail so strong I can see leads to a street vendor who needs no ulterior advertisement. Stacked neatly on a cooling rack on top of a deep fryer are […]

G.O.D., homophonous to the Cantonese slang “to live better”, is the store to visit if you need “updated” souvenirs from Hong Kong that are unmistakably HK. Products sold are appreciated by foreigners for their “oriental-ness”. The omnipresent “symbolic” characters and the radiating communist red in the store make it an easy task to fill up […]