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meat my friend


I’ve ruined a handful of dates by allowing the topic of meat-eating to come up. I have no idea why I get so emotional as I love vegetables as much as I love the fragrant remains of animals… I guess that’s not really obvious when I am constantly stuffing my face with steaks, sausages and […]

leave me alone


Our instinctual reaction to extreme psychological trauma is to turn into a human Popple. I’ve had a few mental breakdowns where I find myself assuming fetal position under the covers in the walk-in closet amidst a forest of winter coats. Now there’s something better: The HideAway. Will certainly come in handy… though it probably also […]

This squished bug is making poor Asimo feel like an invalid. BigDog can even take and recover from abuse. Imagine having one on a leash…. escorting me to the MacArthur bart and carrying my purchases of the day. Sigh. And now for a less intimidating robot : Plen! He might not be the protector you’re […]

The computer hood was ingeniously crafted by Joe Malia as part of his “Design for the Computer Obsessive” project. This product reinforces and amplifies one’s engagement with the computer, successfully blocking out reality. Features of this digital enclosure include: -Soundproof and light-blocking material -Speakers embedded in hood -Zip on underside of tunnel for visibility of […]

I often find myself annoyed with the mis- and/or over- usage of irony. Try playing a game of apples to apples without noticing the tendency of irony exercised as cynicism/quirkiness/intelligence/depth. The irony doesn’t represent anything… and it has as much meaning as when kids announce “it’s opposite day!”. Don’t bother calling them out, they will […]

If there were some sort of android takeover, I’m sure I’d be the first to surrender. Cyborg conversion? Pick me! I’m completely yielding when it comes to gadgets taking over my life. There are exceptions though…. Like paper bound pocketbooks and agendas. I can never give those up. I’ve tried making to-do lists on my […]

Coin banks are a thing of the past. I see babies writing checks and tooth fairies managing transactions on paypal. As money handling technologies keep improving, our money saving abilities have not. Perhaps, Takara Tomy’s Jinsei Ginko is the answer. The money you insert in this “bank of life” directly goes into the wellbeing of […]

Want something fancy schmancy to wear for the countdown but are feeling handicapped by money and time? Get inspired by Ostwald Helgason’s bejewelled toggery and make your own 2D iron-on floss and be your town’s #1 stunna.

Ever wake up with the need to murder? Dxion came out with this gun comb and knife mirror for the psycho in all of us.  Now we can at least temporarily satiate that caveman need by doing a little posing during our morning routine. For mental balance, get your hands on one of these blood puddle […]

No, this has nothing to do with sonic youth. It has to do with me, lamenting my youth. This has taken shape in my ceaseless accrual of little girl clothing in adult sizes (and my obsession with Blythe. I can start a whole other blog for that). Perhaps this is some sort of psychological rebound […]