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Sara Ross’ Archisuits allow one to merge with specific architectural structures. The bench piece especially is a big F U to “UN-usability” engineering. The homeless will surely be pleased with this bum-proof bench counterstrike. I will also be needing one next time I have a long layover at the airport. The bench design below was […]

“living” artwork and calendars developed by Oscar Diaz. what a great idea. I want to make one with the circulatory system… or tumor growth and metastatic spread.

meat my friend


I’ve ruined a handful of dates by allowing the topic of meat-eating to come up. I have no idea why I get so emotional as I love vegetables as much as I love the fragrant remains of animals… I guess that’s not really obvious when I am constantly stuffing my face with steaks, sausages and […]

leave me alone


Our instinctual reaction to extreme psychological trauma is to turn into a human Popple. I’ve had a few mental breakdowns where I find myself assuming fetal position under the covers in the walk-in closet amidst a forest of winter coats. Now there’s something better: The HideAway. Will certainly come in handy… though it probably also […]

This squished bug is making poor Asimo feel like an invalid. BigDog can even take and recover from abuse. Imagine having one on a leash…. escorting me to the MacArthur bart and carrying my purchases of the day. Sigh. And now for a less intimidating robot : Plen! He might not be the protector you’re […]

The computer hood was ingeniously crafted by Joe Malia as part of his “Design for the Computer Obsessive” project. This product reinforces and amplifies one’s engagement with the computer, successfully blocking out reality. Features of this digital enclosure include: -Soundproof and light-blocking material -Speakers embedded in hood -Zip on underside of tunnel for visibility of […]

I often find myself annoyed with the mis- and/or over- usage of irony. Try playing a game of apples to apples without noticing the tendency of irony exercised as cynicism/quirkiness/intelligence/depth. The irony doesn’t represent anything… and it has as much meaning as when kids announce “it’s opposite day!”. Don’t bother calling them out, they will […]

This reminds me of the time we were forced to learn the recorder in elementary school. I took my newfound useless skill #484629 home, donned on some colorful tights, and had my way with it via “what is a youth” from the 1968 romeo and juliet movie… I played with such passion drool dripped profusely […]

Paper was invented in China sometime in the Han Dynasty. Naturally, the Chinese have had a lot of time to play with the medium and this is what they have to show for: Paper Mao-rio haha A few other countries forged their own versions of papercutting: Japanese Kirie, Indian Sanjhi, German Scherenschnitte, Polish Wycinanki, Mexican […]

The only DeLorean I’ve seen is the one parked outside the Back to the Future ride at Universal Studios… sunwashed gray, dirty and neglected… hopefully its new owner, the pudgy man in this picture, who won some “out-a-time” sweepstakes back when the attraction closed in Sept 07, will get back in touch with the Doc […]