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Our instinctual reaction to extreme psychological trauma is to turn into a human Popple. I’ve had a few mental breakdowns where I find myself assuming fetal position under the covers in the walk-in closet amidst a forest of winter coats. Now there’s something better: The HideAway. Will certainly come in handy… though it probably also […]

This reminds me of the time we were forced to learn the recorder in elementary school. I took my newfound useless skill #484629 home, donned on some colorful tights, and had my way with it via “what is a youth” from the 1968 romeo and juliet movie… I played with such passion drool dripped profusely […]

I was on the MTR in Hong Kong and overheard a woman from mainland china talking to her friend about her new CHANNEL bag and her experiences lining up outside the louiSS futt-on store. I giggled a little and generally felt bad for the lady as her plans to impress her friend and fellow subway […]

Coin banks are a thing of the past. I see babies writing checks and tooth fairies managing transactions on paypal. As money handling technologies keep improving, our money saving abilities have not. Perhaps, Takara Tomy’s Jinsei Ginko is the answer. The money you insert in this “bank of life” directly goes into the wellbeing of […]

Want something fancy schmancy to wear for the countdown but are feeling handicapped by money and time? Get inspired by Ostwald Helgason’s bejewelled toggery and make your own 2D iron-on floss and be your town’s #1 stunna.

MONEYGAMI!  Will certainly put a smile on your loan shark’s face! A common theme is to outfit currency legends with different types of headgear.  More difficult yet, few have managed to integrate graphics of the bills into characteristics of finished figures… a bathing ape! a chinaman! No points for money airplanes. I’ll have to confiscate […]

Olfactory alarms rang loud with the detection of a familiar, indisputable stench : a boiling sewer of soiled diapers, foot cheese and rotten corpses. A malodorous trail so strong I can see leads to a street vendor who needs no ulterior advertisement. Stacked neatly on a cooling rack on top of a deep fryer are […]

I saw what is essentially “the force” at work at this year’s Wired Nextfest.  Brianball: a game which is fueled by one’s desire to act aloof… the more you don’t give a shit, the farther you can move a tiny steel ball with only your mind into your opponent’s goalpost.  This roundabout telekinetic display involves […]